Monday, November 09, 2009

Swan-nee River!

No, not that river in Georgia and Florida-that's the Suwannee! I'm talking about the Skagit River. It is once again the Swan-nee river! The trumpeter and tundra swans have returned from their summer homes and will now be taking up residency here in the Skagit Valley. Of course we don't have the sole franchise on wintering swans here in the Pacific Northwest. Other good swan viewing spots include the Fraser River Valley and Delta in BC, the Snohomish River Delta and Port Susan Bay in Snohomish County, the Snoqualmie River Valley in King County and along the Columbia River in Clark County. But for me-the best swan sighting is right here in Skagit and right from my home office window. I look out over the river and when it floods-like it is doing now-the swans take to the flooded fields! The honkers fly over my house regularly too driving my cats crazy-well Giuseppe anyway- Scruffers isn't too interested in the big birds, he's more interested in playing with his jalapeno on a stick! It won't be long now for the snow geese to fly by too! Enjoy the November rains!

(photo- posed swans at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, BC)

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