Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fate of the Horn

Good article today in the Columbian of Vancouver (WA) on the fate of the Cape Horn Trail. One of the most spectacular trails in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, there's just one major problem with it. The entire trail wasn't officially built. The lower half was pretty much created by bootleg trail builders. Is there a problem with this? Well, a couple actually. Parts of the lower trail traverse near peregrine falcon nests and through sensitive areas. Also, the trail wasn't built to proper standards and can be hazardous in certain conditions. The Forest Service is currently weighing in on several options and is taking input from the public. I'm hoping that a compromise can be reached that would do the following under the following conditions:

Continue the trail roughly over the same route and as a loop while rerouting around sensitive and nesting areas or allowing for seasonal closures; and create safe passage under SR 14 where the trail currently crosses it.

For more information
read here on the Columbian
and here at WTA
Let your voice be heard.

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(photo-hovering on a basalt cliff above the Columbia River, one of the more spectacular and heart-pumping sections of the trail)

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