Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cat-tastrophe for the planet?
I am always amazed at just how wacky the environmental fringe has become. Now mind you, I am a hardcore conservationist who revers Theodore Roosevelt, Ed Abbey, Henry David Thoreau and Chico Mendez. I belong to over a dozen conservation organizations. I live simply and practice sound conservation principles. But I am also a member of the human race that consumes resources. I don't feel guilty over it. I don't believe that we are on a course for environmental catastrophe right now-although there certainly are areas of concern which we need to address. I believe that our climate is changing, but I am skeptical on how much of that is human induced and how much of it is part of a natural process-after all we have had huge waves of climate change in the past (ie. the Ice Age) when human activity wasn't exactly flourishing. Well, it seems now that the environmental extreme nutcase lefties who believe that the world will end in just a few short years are now suggesting that you eat your pet! Well, not exactly consume them, but they want you to feel guilty about having a dog or a cat and say that it is leading to global warming-as is everything these days in their minds.

A British couple, the Vales have released a new book; Time to Eat the Dog?: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living, in which they make preposterous claims about how much of a carbon pawprint old yeller and fluffy have on the planet and that if you truly respected the planet you would not have them shedding, snoozing, and flopping around your house! Of course, typical for these types of environmental whackos is their hypocrisy. As pointed out by Ryan O'Meara in K9 magazine, he couldn't purchase the book digitally-all of those sacrificed trees-and gasoline needed to transport these books around the globe most certainly be contributing to the destruction of Mother Earth, no?!

These whackos just can't enjoy life can they? Everything be it a cheeseburger to a car-camp trip is a guilt-ridden activity that is destroying the planet in their eyes. The planet is not dying! And making ridiculous demands on a hurried and anxious population is not going to help much either in just making reasonable suggestions for more simpler living. Mainstream folks will just turn you out or ridicule you and any good messages of environmental protection will be lost because of these extremists. Pets bring joy and solace to people and contribute to a fulfilling life. Sure, there are problems with pet ownership. I believe that our over pampering of them definitely has some ethical dimensions worth exploring when you consider that there is a lot of human suffering in the world and perhaps some of the resources allocated to ole Scratch can better be used for our human brethren. And I don't allow my cats outside, not only to protect them-but to protect native wildlife as well. I am well aware of the non-discriminatory predation that ole ragamuffin can have. But this far left kook fringe of greenie-whackos wants to control every aspect of your life by telling you what to eat, where to live, what to drive, and now what you can live with. Basta!

Most of these doomsayers are hypocrites in so many degrees and if they truly believe that man is a plague on the planet well they can start by reducing their own carbon footprint by drinking the hemlock. It gets crazier everyday with these people. I am all for a sustainable environment-but it must include dialogue that respects and includes humans (and their pets) and takes into account that the world is not going to end tomorrow-that we have some serious environmental problems to address-but a communist world order of how I am going to live to cure them is not the solution. There needs to be serious climate change action alright-one that welcomes logic and reason and not hyper-emotional scare-mongering into the equation for working towards a sustainable future. Okay, Scruffy and Giuseppe, you guys are off the hook-go back to sleep and keep providing this household with warmth and love. Doomsayers-go back to your hole and let me and millions of other decent hardworking and responsible folks enjoy life a little!

(Photo-Scruffy Gray barely bats an eye on the news that he is contributing to global warming-lap warming maybe-but definitely not global warming)

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