Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rainier's last floral hurrah

Just got back from two more days and 33 more miles of hiking at Mount Rainier National Park and what a great two days and 33 miles they were. On Tuesday I did a nice loop from Mowich Lake down Ipsut Creek, up the Carbon River and Seattle Park to Spray park and back. Yesterday I did a nice loop up the Tahoma Creek Trail over Emerald Ridge and back the South Puyallup Trail. The weather is holding out nicely and summer is hanging on. But alas the days are getting shorter and the wildflowers are fading into memory. But there are still the gentians! The final bloom in the high country before things begin turning red and start decaying. Spray Park which can ordinarily be a quite a zoo when it comes to crowds was eerily quiet when I was there late Tuesday afternoon. Try to sneak out and check it out--especially if you have never been here before. Lots of huckleberries and blueberries out there-and a bear or two too!

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