Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wildest not-yet-wilderness canyon in Washington!

Last week I had the opportunity to once again take a hike up Thirteen Mile Creek in the Colville National Forest in remote Ferry County. Accompanying me was Jasmine Minbashian of Conservation Northwest. Jasmine worked with me on my book, Columbia Highlands: Exploring Washington's Last Frontier. This area is truly Washington's last frontier and both Jasmine and I have an immense love for this wild country and would like nothing less for Thirteen mile Canyon, the Kettle Crest and other roadless areas in the Colville to be designated as Washington's next federally protected wilderness areas. If you haven't hiked here yet-this is a good time right now before it gets really hot later in the summer. Be mindful that this is one of the rattlesnakiest trails in the state. Jasmine and I watched a good size one (she claimed it wasn't so big-I have a different view!) slither in front of us while she was photographing a lone Ponderosa pine snag on the canyon rim. Want to learn more about this area? Check out my book and pay a visit to Conservation Northwest's website. See you in the Kettles!

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Barbara Christensen said...

Hope you had fun, Craig! Just getting around to reading your posts... great stuff. Don't forget your readers can help protect the Kettles for future generations as part of our Columbia Highlands Initiative. This innovative collaborative community process ensures sustainable timber supply for local mills, restoration of forests, AND wilderness protection in northeast Washington. Write a letter to protect roadless areas as wilderness:

Keep up the great work!