Thursday, May 07, 2009

Canada's Seal of Approval

Even in a country as liberal as Canada where liberal drug laws and criminal codes allow gangs to shoot up Vancouver with impunity, junkies stumble over each other in half of the downtown, and terrorists are granted immigration status, this latest move simply baffles me: Canadian MPs Vote to Include Seal Skin On Olympic Uniforms. Read for yourself in today's Vancouver Sun. American Lefties love to point to Canada as a promised land. How many of them threatened to leave the US for our northern neighbor when George W Bush was reelected? I'm still waiting for Sean Penn to leave. But the fact of the matter is that when it comes to environmental protections-the much more conservative America does better. We have an endangered species act (signed by Republican Richard Nixon no less). We have a wilderness act and millions of acres of wilderness. And we don't butcher marine mammals (thanks to a bill drafted by two NW senators, one a Republican from Oregon). In Canada, they still log old growth forests, there is no endangered species act, oil is king in the boreal forests, and they slaughter seals. And not only do they slaughter them-in a most inhumane way I may add-but they are now flaunting it by making their athletes wear clothing containing seal skin. Mon Dieu!

Now, I'm no vegetarian, and I have mixed feelings about seal slaughtering-but it is indeed inhumane the way they do it-and I would add, probably unnecessary (First Nations should be exempt for subsistence hunting) and it should definitely not be flaunted-and forced upon athletes that may object to this barbaric practice. And now Canada has introduced a hot political topic into what should be a non-political event. And you thought the dog issue was big in China? Now, I love Canada-spend a lot of time there-and the country consists of wonderful people. I like Stephen Harper, the Quebecois, and adore Diana Krall. But this act-like their liberal drug laws that have turned the Lower Mainland of BC into a gang infested war zone makes no sense to me. Where's the outrage now Sean Penn and company? Is your silence a seal of approval?

(Photo from Liberation BC)

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