Thursday, April 16, 2009

Howe's the View!
From atop of British Columbia's Stawamus Chief-Howe is the view! Howe Sound that is, the southernmost fjord in North America. And to the north the view includes the city of Squamish, the Squamish River Delta and the massive glacial covered volcano, Mount Garibaldi. Named for the great Italian Patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi (from whom Giuseppe Gattino is named after), the mountain's presence is indeed liberating!

I was up in BC for a couple of days talking to retailers about carrying Green Trails' great new Whistler map. Good news- I got to go to Whistler! Bad news I couldn't afford to go skiing while I was there (hey I'm a writer!). Good news-it was a beautiful spring day yesterday. Bad news- I had to go to Vancouver to talk to retailers. Good news- I got to sneak out early for a hike up the Stawamus Chief. Bad news-the hike is brutal- its all on granite (just like hiking in the White Mountains) steep (2,000 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles) and my patellar tendinitis was painful! Good news- The view! Unbelievable- a cure to all of my mine and the world's problems.

If you haven't hiked this landmark-the second largest granite monolith in the world you owe it to yourself the next time you are heading north to Whistler. The hike is tough, so plan accordingly. And be prepared to socialize. The Chief welcomes over 50,000 hikers in the summer alone. People come from all over to hike it. I met people from Louisiana, Montreal and Lyon, France on the rock yesterday (a little of a French Connection!). The whole area is protected within a provincial park and it'll cost you $3 Canadian to park to hike it. What a deal! And guess what- even with a recession in British Columbia, they're not talking about closing their parks. Washington state-listen!

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