Friday, March 13, 2009

Picture of Scruffy Grey

Okay, Scruffy Grey might not be as beautiful as Dorian, and he's not wild either (sorry, Oscar!), but this little kitty has definitely touched our senses. Three days ago while Giuseppe and I were enjoying our lunch break, Scruffy Grey came out of the blue trotting across my deck. It was about 38 degrees outside and he plopped himself down in the sun soaking up the heat from the warmed planking. Giuseppe said it was okay for me to bring him some food. Scruffy Grey was quite thankful for this offering.

While he apparently appeared abandoned, his fur badly matted, little Scruffy was quite affectionate and has obviously been around humans. He pretty much stayed on the deck all day-and once nightfall arrived, temperatures now in the 20s, Giuseppe said it was okay for Scruffy to spend the night in our garage. We lined Giusppe's dreaded travel carrier with soft blankets and transformed it into a makeshift cat bed. Scruffy slept well that night.

The following morning we let him out hoping that perhaps he had a home. At 9:00 pm he was on my deck again hoping to come in from another night of 20 degree temps. Back into his makeshift bed he went. Yesterday, Scruffy hung out all day and spent the night once more. Heather, Giuseppe and I talked about what to do with this very affectionate loving kitty. As much as we'd love to keep him we are not in the position to do so. Having Giuseppe is challenging enough with our lifestyle. We'll be bringing Scruffy up to the Skagit Valley Humane Society today to get him cleaned up and ready for adoption. By all means, if you'd like a loving kitty, consider taking home Scruffy Grey. He will definitely appreciate it.

I am guessing the word is out in the kitty circles that we are the house to come to if abandoned! Ever since we rescued Storm on a snowy cold night the other kitties have heard of our compassion towards felines. Storm is now in a loving family's home. We hope Scruffy Grey will be too-real soon!

For more information about Scruffy, visit Giuseppe's blog, Giuseppe Gattino. And no, I am not Giuseppe's ghost writer in case you are wondering. Ciao! I mean meow! And yes, Karen and Kim, I'm turning into one of those weird cat people- you can relate, right?

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