Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome Back to the Senate,
Judd Gregg!

I couldn't be happier to have Senator Gregg come back to the senate than to serve in the Obama Administration. Other than his terrible lack-of-judgement on the TARP funds, Gregg has proven to be a sound fiscal conservative-and an excellent conservationists too. A rare breed and one that our nation can be proud of. So, get back in the Senate and add a voice of reason to the insane Stimulus-pork spending special interest hand greasing free-for-all that Reid and Pelosi have crafted. And get back in there and continue to vote for good sound pieces of environmental legislation-like land protection in New Hampshire's White Mountains and Great Bay. And Senator Gregg, you said you weren't interested in running again for the senate in 2010. Could a presidential run be in the making for 2012?

(photo- Great Bay Land Preservation made possible by Senator Gregg)

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