Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Year in Review: 960 Miles Hiked!
While 2008 saw my portfolio spiraling downward (yours too I imagine) one thing that was up was my hiking mileage from the year before. I logged a total of 960 miles on the trail beating 2007's 800 miles but not anywhere near 2006's 1050 miles. All of these miles were spent hiking-they don't include the 100s of miles I put on the trail running. And while I'm thankful that my job as a guidebook writer forces me on the trail, I occasionally do a little recreational hiking too. So where did I hike last year? All over Washington from the Olympic Rainforest to the Salmo-Priest Wilderness, Vancouver Island in BC and the Georgian Bay Islands in Ontario. Of course I hiked New England too, logging miles in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Among the highlights of last year was my 4 day trek from Trinity over Buck Pass across High Pass (pictured above) to the Napeequa Valley to Boulder Pass and out the White River. Thanks Don and Chris Hanson of Scottish Lakes High Camp for inviting me along on that one-it was awesome! This year I continue researching Backpacking Washington (Mountaineers Books spring 2011) and there may be another book too (I'll let you know next month) -so I'm sure I'll be looking at the 1,000 mile mark again. How about you?

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