Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet the Author
And that author would be me! If you live on Seattle's east side, consider coming down to the King County Library Service Center in Issaquah tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm. I'll be giving a book talk and slide show on the North Cascades. I'll be talking about current trail issues, displaying some of my favorite places in the North Cascades and help inspire you to get out and do some exploring this year. I'll also be signing and selling my book, Day Hiking North Cascades at the Recession-busting price of $15 (tax included). So come on down. I'd love to meet you and talk about one of my favorite topics, Hiking in the Northwest.


Kendall said...


Thanks so much for the excellent presentation tonight in Issaquah. I spent longer on the elliptical trainer tonight just thinking about getting ready for hiking.

Just out of curiosity, what camera system do you use (I promise I'm not a camera snob)?

Thanks again,



(I was the one who mentioned my aunt and uncle live in Sekui).

Craig said...

Hi Kendall,

It was very nice meeting you last night and thanks for the kind words. Believe it or not I don't use anything fancy- just an old Minolta-of course those were slides at that presentation. I am currently looking at a new digital SLR to do some fancier photography. Hope to make the purchase soon but haven't narrowed down a choice yet. Any suggestions?

Kendall said...

I guess it's not what you got, but what you do with it that counts.

I am a Nikon nut, but would encourage anyone starting to buy into a system to play with Canon as well in a store. I just liked the feel and function of Nikon better than Canon. You might like something different. When I am traveling lite, I carry a Canon G10, and have been very happy with the results in evenly lit scenes.

Have you ever thought about taking panoramic photos of the places you go? I'm not a expert by any means, but think it really communicates the experience of being there.

Here are some of mine:

Hit the slideshow button for best results.

I started looking through the N. Cascades book tonight. Very impressed. Living in Issaquah, I need something of equal quality for the I-90 Cascades. Do you have any favorites?

In the Olympic book, I do hike 123 every Summer (Ozette). I really need to branch out and do something different.

Love the books,


Craig said...

Hey Kendall,

Nice photos- I especially liked the Palouse Falls shot. I see you have traveled to some of my favorite places, particularly New England and France-not to mention eastern Washington. And thanks too for the camera advice- I hope to make my choice soon-You should see a notable difference with the newer and better equipment in my next book (Backpacking Washington).
Oh yeah, and while you have hiked no. 123 in the Oly Book- The Ozette triangle many times- isn't it one of the greatest hikes in all of America?! Its one of my personal favorites and I never tire of it. Look for me out there again in March!