Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Thoughts
Like many in America I too am glad to see the end of George W. Bush's presidency. I never voted for him. But I don't think he is the devil incarnate, just not one of our better presidents. Probably one of our worst down there with Carter, Buchanan and Pierce. Lost opportunity is best how you can sum up his presidency. However, while I look forward to the post Bush era I am part of the 46% of the electorate that didn't get swept away with Obamamania. I never jump on bandwagons. I analyze and don't get swept away with irrational exuberance. This pragmatism has protected me from the Tech Bubble and the Real Estate Bubble and all the worthless crappy fads that are thrown at us every year to part with our money. There are things about Barack Obama that I admire. I think that he is intelligent, articulate, and genuinely a decent person. However, his politics leave me with much to desire. He talks well and has reached out to the other side and that is admirable. But, what does he really stand for beyond "hope and change?" We'll soon find out. It is wonderful that our country has overcome the racial divisions of the past, yet at the inauguration Rev Lowry delivered a racially tinged insulting "sermon." Reverend Warren's sermon however was enlightening and it is nice to see that Obama is not afraid to wear his spirituality on his sleeve. After all, Abe Lincoln, Obama's inspiration was one of our most religious presidents-and one of our best. Secular progressives must have had to swallow hard all of the references to God yesterday. But it is going to take more than God to get us out of the economic mess that we are facing. Spending our way into massive debt won't be the answer. This is what Bush tried to do and Obama is following suit- hardly change. Its good to see that if Republicans won't hold Obama to task on bailoutmania at least the Blue Dog Democrats will. Keep your eye on Heath Shuler-he's the type of Democrat that can lure me back to his side of the aisle. On environmental issues, there is clearly much to celebrate. One of the reasons that Bush never got my vote was his overt hostility on environmental issues. Under Obama I feel confident that conservation issues will at least get a better hearing- but I'm still worried about radical environmental initiatives. They have the unintended consequences of bringing in reactionary counter measures later on. Stick with the book of Teddy- Not the book of Al. And finally, I end this musing on a lighter note. Bring back Robert Frost. Was that the absolute worst poem at an inauguration you have ever heard or what? It was downright painful and another reason why most poets deserve to stay in darkly lit bohemian coffee houses. Praise song for my indigestion! Good Luck President Obama- I wish you the best. My nation and my future are counting on you.

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