Saturday, December 20, 2008

Skiing Sedro and Saving Storm!

What a morning! It was 10 degrees at the homestead. Blue sky-sunlight dancing on the snow crystals blanketing the countryside. Heather and I decided to go cross-country skiing at the Northern State Recreation Area in Sedro-Woolley. Yep- Sedro- Woolley! When was the last time you got to go skiing in the lower Skagit Valley? Must have been about 14-15 inches of dry powder there. It was like skiing in Eastern Washington. It was cold and windy too- but what a glorious day. We chatted with Vince Richardson of the Skagit Valley Herald (keep your eyes on the paper) before heading off to break tracks in the newly fallen powder. Not another human soul out there. But as we soon found out- there was a little kitty soul out there. Huddled and shivering beneath a snow covered bench was a tiny black kitten. He had probably been out there for days-hungry and near hypothermia after surviving a record cold evening. I was able to get the little guy and handed him off to Heather. She skied a quarter mile with him huddled up against her jacket falling a couple of times but the little kitty didn't mind as he knew he was being rescued. We wrapped him in a blanket and put him in a warm car and after skiing a bit more (Hey, I'm compassionate but we had to get some more rare Skagit Valley skiing in!) we took him to the Humane Society of Skagit County just north of Burlington. I named the little guy, Storm, for surviving the biggest snow storm I've seen in these parts. He's recovering well now and will be looking for a home soon. Perhaps you may want to adopt him. Head on over to the Humane Society of Skagit County. Perhaps you'll be taken by storm- and take Storm home!

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