Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Buck hasn't stopped yet-and neither has the Maverick! It was exactly 60 years ago today that Harry S. Truman proved the pundits and polls wrong by winning re-election to the presidency. Give 'em hell Harry! One of our greatest presidents, Truman wasn't afraid to make a decision on a tough call. He didn't vote "present." He took action often at odds with his advisers. He faced incredible economic and social challenges during his time- a post war economy- a growing civil rights movement-and he accepted those challenges and helped direct this country towards further greatness. He had a solid record before coming to the presidency and he was always proud of his country. He faced criticism and low approval ratings and he was often compared unfavorably to his predecessor. Folksy and able to connect to the people (maybe not to the intellectual elites and kool-aid drinkers of his time-but to the salt-of-the-earth folks who make up the backbone of this great nation), his rural and modest upbringing was never forgotten. A veteran of WW II, a county judge, US Senator and vice-president under FDR, he had a significantly larger resume than say from a candidate that worked as a community organizer (whatever the hell that is) with people of dubious backgrounds and freshmen senator with no accomplishments per se than able to talk well.
John McCain is no Harry Truman, but he is an honorable man and a worthy man to assume the role of the presidency. He believes in his country, acts independently of party politics and believes in the American way-of life. He is a green elephant - a republican from the same mold of Dan Evans, Richard Nixon, Theodore Roosevelt, Judd Gregg, and John Chafee. He will protect and support programs benefiting our environment and public lands. He will protect the Constitution and our sacred American way-of-life. He is no George W. Bush and his opponent is no JFK. The country shouldn't be punished with an inferior candidatate for the failed policies of an ineffective president. Give em hell John. The buck hasn't stopped yet and neither has your campaign. Your country is depending on you!

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