Saturday, October 11, 2008

You want larches? We got 'em!When it comes to awesome autumn weather, the last couple of weeks here in Washington state have been awesome. With that, I have been spending an inordinate (as always) amount of time on the trail researching for my latest book, Backpacking Washington. Now, while all of the destinations in this book are intended to be overnighters, I simply don't have the time to spend overnight on all of the destinations while researching them. So, I've had to put my marathon running training to the trail. I have been doing some insanely long day hikes lately. Among them, a 22 mile jaunt up Oval Creek to the Oval Lakes, up Gray Peak, over to Tuckaway Lake and back down Eagle Creek. A trip I did along with my wife Heather and brother Doug in one day which is intended to be a 3 -day trip in the book. And what an amazing trip too- all 6,000 vertical feet and 22 linear miles worth. Now is the time to do this hike too- the larches are absolutely amazing and the bears are keeping to themselves in their berryfields. You can head out now, or wait for my book to come out with the details. In any case, enjoy this spectacular October weather- it sure beats thinking about the Economic meltdown and the upcoming election that pits an honest but inadequate candidate against a good speaker but empty suit. Back to the woods I go for sanity's sake!

(photo- East and Middle Oval Lakes from Gray Peak- Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness Oct 2008)

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