Monday, September 22, 2008

Out of the trailhead and into the Fryingpan!

I've recently begun work on my 6th book, Backpacking Washington (Mountaineers Books) and am currently in the "research" stage! This volume is meant to be a companion to the Day Hiking Series introducing hikers to great trips beyond 15 miles round trip. Many of the hikes in this book are in the 18-25 mile range making for a nice weekend getaway. One of the coolest aspects of the book is that it is statewide. I get to include some of my favorite places from throughout the state. An oft overlooked area among many hikers (but not hunters and equestrians) is the William O Douglas Wilderness in the South Cascades. Much of this wilderness consists of a high plateau of ancient lava flows, cinder cone peaks and hundreds of little lakes.
And where there are hundreds of little lakes you can expect billions of little mosquitoes. But now is the time to hike this area-with the little buggers dying off-just be prepared to share the area with scores of bow hunters. But in their camouflage half the time you won't even know they are out there! Check out Fryingpan Lake (a chapter in my new book) and set up base camp there. Then roam! Up the steep slopes to Fryingpan Mountain for an awesome view of the region- over to Tumac Mountain, an ancient volcano, or over to the Twin Sisters, the prettiest bodies of water in the region. You want more info? Reserve a copy of my upcoming book!

(photo- grassy shores along Frying Pan Lake)

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