Saturday, August 02, 2008

Giuseppe has an idea

... and its to take a nap! It seems that's his answer to everything these days. Looming deadlines-take a nap. McCain versus Obama-time to snooze. High gas prices-e tempo por il mio pisolino. Nutty right-wingers who want to drill for oil everywhere- shut eye please. Wacky libs who want to drill for oil nowhere- zzzzzzzzzzzz. Iraq, Iran, Turdistan-please I'm trying to get some sleep around here. Yep, Giuseppe has it all right- viva la doce vita! We should learn from this piccolo gattino. What's important in life? That you live life to the fullest! Even if that means chasing shadows, batting stuffed animals, eating, and sleeping 20 hours a day. So be it! Just how much trouble can you get in with that schedule? Then again...

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