Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just like the Enchantments..

'cept no people!

As a guidebook author I have been fortunate to hike so many of Washington State's great trails. And I am always amazed that so many hikers always go to the same crowded trails over and aver again-especially when we have so many trails available. And it is always funny to hear many of these people constantly complain about all of the crowds on the trails and that they didn't get a wilderness experience. Well folks- you're not going to get a quiet wilderness experience off of I-90. You need to actually put some distance between you and the city- allot a little more time- and do a little research. The Enchantment Lakes are beautiful but you'll be surrounded by tons of people-and many not too friendly- they think they were going to get a wilderness experience! You want solitude? You want wilderness? Head to the North Fork of the Entiat River Valley. Fern Lake is gorgeous, lonely and as wilderness as you can get even though the area isn't in a federal wilderness. It's a 15 mile roundtrip. The only lake in the area-but what a lake! Want more info? It'll be in my new book, Day Hiking Central Cascades (Mountaineers 2009)-due for release next spring. And you know something? Even after the book hits the stands-most people will still be heading to the I-90 corridor and will still be complaining about how crowded those trails are! They can have 'em! See you at in the Entiat!

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