Monday, June 23, 2008

Radio Free Ontario

I love music! Italian Music. Country music. Folk music. Jazz. Blues. Classical. French. Seventies pop. Sixties classics. Eighties new wave. Nineties alternative. Motown. Basso-Nova. Practically all kinds-even Rap if its old school Grand Master Flash kind of stuff. But I HATE music when I am car camping! Trying to listen to the songs of warblers than the warbles of ding-a-lings putting down ales. I want to kick back by a fire and hear it crackle. I want to hear the breeze. I want to hear pine cones hit the ground. I want to hear tree frogs fill the air with their amorous ballads. I don't want to hear Toby, Carrie, Brittany, Ozzie, Mick, or any other hominid on a digital recording, airwave, cassette, or eight track (yep-there are still a few out there) wreaking havoc on my car camping slack packing back to controlled nature get-away! The Ontario Parks Department has the right idea. At a handful of their Provincial Parks you can car camp radio free! Entire loops devoid of treble and bass! Not a bad idea and perhaps one that other states and provinces should look at for their park-especially in this day and age of constantly wired humanoids. Now, if Ontario can lead with a cell phone free campground, too-I'm am so there!
(photo- Awenda Provincial Park no-spin zone!)

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