Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dog Days of Summer are here!
Hey dog lovers-are you looking for a great beach to take your furry friend to? Well then, consult the latest issue of CityDog magazine where you'll find my feature on the Pacific Northwest's Top 10 Dog friendly beaches. All of these canine cavorting coastline hot spots are located on the Pacific Ocean, Puget Sound or some other saltwater type of feature. For freshwater frolicking for your splashed prone spaniel, wait until the next issue where I reveal the best lakes to take your pooch to-and how to get her or him into a canoe with you for a little dog paddling! And if you are in the North Bend WA area this July 19th, stop on over at the annual Trailsfest where I along with renown pup writer Lisa Wogan will be giving a seminar on hiking with your dog! Hope to see you there!
(photo- dog friendly beach on Georgian Bay-Awenda Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada)

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