Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day
Remembrance and Reflection

While many of you are taking to the trails today or firing up the BBQ-be sure to take a moment or two-or longer to reflect on the real significance of this day. To thank the thousands of soldiers who gave their lives to this country so that we have the freedom to hike in our public lands, have leisure time to gather with our friends and family, and be able to live in this nation that has provided us with so many opportunities. There is not a day in my life that I am not thankful for these freedoms. Our country isn't perfect. Our history isn't without its blemishes. Our priorities aren't always in order. But this nation is the greatest on the planet. A country where peoples of all ethnicities, religions, and ways of life have freedom and opportunity. Lets pray that we lose not one more soldier. But this country and lifestyle is worth defending. So fire up the barbecue, hit the trail-and remember our war dead and thank them for their sacrifice.

(photo-Centralia, WA)

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