Sunday, April 20, 2008

Waiting for Global Warming

I awoke to two inches of wet sloppy snow blanketing my neighborhood and surrounding hills. Up here in the Skagit Valley it has been over 35 years since snow has fallen this late in the season. It has been a cold and wet and long winter (and spring) this year. I suppose the weather gods are having a little fun with the West Coast global warming alarmists! Oh but it's "climate change" not "global warming" we are now told. Of course it's climate change! Climate always changes-has been since the beginning of time. Once this area was tropical-then it was buried under ice-warm-cold-hot-frigid-wet-dry- it always changes and whether man has anything to do about it is a tough call when you consider there are no constants in this procession of change. Anyhow while "Hypocrite Al" is flying all over the world (spewing carbon) declaring the sky is falling and "Mayor Overindulgence" of Seattle is belching about the dangers of plastic bags (while paving over the entire city) I await for a little climate change. Just a little please-like spring some time this spring. Please.

(photo-Tulip time in Mount Vernon April 20, 2008)

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