Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weekly Trail- Casts just a Click Away

Its not enough that I'm providing you with weekly hiking suggestions through Now you can head on over to Green Trails and download a weekly trailcast. Yep, you can skip the reading on this one. Just click, download and listen. Of course you'll still need a good map-a Green Trails Map preferably- and a good guide book- my Day Hiking Olympic Peninsula is a worthy suggestion- to still make the most out of your hike. But, hey-my TrailCast is meant to inspire you -to get you excited about getting out the door- to help get you motivated to hit the trail. And since most of our trails are buried deep in snow right now-what better way to get outdoors than by snowshoe right now. Check out the first Green Trails Maps TrailCast featuring snowshoeing Hurricane Hill in Olympic National Park. See you on the trail!

(photo-Hurricane Hill in Feb)

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