Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Time to Bring Back the CCC
Okay, before I begin, let me make one thing perfectly clear; I abhor the welfare state. The majority of welfare programs instil a sense of entitlement and do nothing to break the cycle of poverty. They are neither good for the recipient nor for the tax-payer. Okay. Now, let me make this distinction; I have absolutely no problem with workfare programs. Especially programs that not only benefit the recipient by allowing them to be proud of their labor and of being productive members of society but also benefit all members of society. That's why I'm all for bringing back the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC); FDR's Depression Era program of putting people to work in our parks and forests. Think about it. The military is a form of workfare and it is necessary for our society. An active army of conservationists and stewards is also necessary for our society. In the last 25 years the federal government has been shirking its responsibility when it comes to adequately funding and caring for our public lands. Now, with the all but absent presence of logging in our national forests there is practically no money being allocated to our great forest reserves. Bring back the CCC! Take young men and women, retirees, inner-city youth, non-violent criminals, heck anyone who wants to be a part of this program and put them to work in the woods. Pay them fairly and allow them to labor in the greatest job environments in the country. What a way to green bond our next generation too! And of course these new CCC disciples will not only be benefiting themselves- but they'll be caring for our natural resources and benefiting all of us in society. We tax-payers can be proud of their accomplishments and justify the way our government spends our money. With our country slipping into perhaps the worst recession in 25 years, what a way to help stimulate the economy. Putting people to work and paying them well pays dividends to a lot of workers in the private sector too. All of those CCC paycheck cashing folks need goods and services that the private sector will be more than happy to provide for them.
(photo-CCC Memorial Deception Pass State Park, WA)

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