Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Onward to Ontario

Over the past several years I have been contributing recreational material on Canada's national and provincial parks for the The Weather Network is the Canadian equivalent of America's Weather Channel. My most recent fact finding mission for content was this past September on a trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario. On that trip I backcountry canoed to Quetico Provincial Park, Float planed to Turtle River Provincial Park, and strolled the pleasant shores of Sandbar Lake Provincial Park. I hiked and camped at Kakabeka Falls and Sleeping Giant Provincial Parks and was able to do a little exploring at Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park as well. Read about these adventures:

Kakabeka Falls


Sleeping Giant

Sandbar Lake

Turtle River

I'll be returning again to Ontario this year to do some more superb hiking, camping, and paddling. Canada's most populated province is bursting with amazing outdoor destinations as well. Its park system is top notch, one of the largest and best run in the world. Perhaps it's time you rolled out a map of Ontario and start drooling over all of those green spots!

(photo- The White Otter Castle in Turtle River Provincial Park- 09/07)

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