Friday, January 04, 2008

Fred T. Darvill M.D.
Rest in Peace
One of the Pacific Northwest's most-dedicated wilderness and hiking advocates recently passed away. Fred T. Darvill of Mount Vernon, WA died a few days after Christmas day after a long bout with Alzheimer's disease. I never met Mr. Darvill, but like Harvey Manning, Ira Spring, and Robert Wood he was a great influence on me as a hiking guidebook writer and advocate for land preservation in Washington.
My first trip to the North Cascades was back in July of 1985. I had Fred's Hiking the North Cascades Sierra Club Tote Book with me as my guide. In my new release Day Hiking North Cascades (Mountaineers Books-March 2008) in the section on Hidden Lakes Peak, I give acknowledgement to Fred for helping me fall in love with these mountains. Fred first fell for the North Cascades after hiking to Park Butte near Mount Baker. Park Butte was my third hike in these mountains after back-to-back trips to Cutthroat Pass and Sourdough Mountains. All grand destinations indeed.
Now I live in the same community that Fred called home for the last 40 years. I'll try to carry forth what Mr Darvill worked so hard for-protecting the wildlands of Washington. Rest in Peace, Fred. Thanks for all of the inspiration. Your spirit will live on in this beautiful corner of God's great planet-especially on Park Butte and Hidden Lakes Peak.
(photo-the view of Mount Baker from Park Butte)

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