Thursday, January 10, 2008

2007: Another Great Year on the Trails
Being a guidebook writer and outdoor adventure writer would mean spending plenty of time on the trails, right? Well at least you would hope so! In the case of this guidebook and outdoor writer the answer is a resounding yes! This past year had me on the trails a total of get this- just shy of 800 MILES! Not as much as last year's 1,050, but an impressive amount of time on the trail never-the-less.
Now most of that was spent in the North and Central Cascades of Washington where I continue to work on a new series of day hiking books. The North Cascades Book is due for release this March while the Central Cascades Book will be out next March.
Along with my stomping in the Cascades, I managed to get a few trips into the Olympic Mountains as well as three trips back east to New Hampshire and Ontario. This was the first year since 2001 that I did not go to Europe. I miss the Pyrenees but I have been more than busy tramping trails right here in my own backyard. This current year, like the last should be another high miler. Hope you get out often, too!
(photo-Mount Shuksan from Goat Mountain, Mount Baker Wilderness, WA)

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