Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rain drops kept falling on my state...

But I'm never going to stop the rain from complaining-but at least a cold dry front will. We are finally drying out here in western Washington. And while up here in Skagit County we were pretty much spared the deluge, the case is not so good down in Kitsap, Grays Harbor and Lewis Counties. Michael Fagin of Washington Online Weather has just released the rainfall totals for Monday and Tuesday. They are truly amazing. Check them out:

These totals are for the entire day Monday 12-3; Bremerton 10.46 inches, Sea-Tac Airport 3.77 inches, and Seattle Weather Office (Sandpoint) 4.15 inches. Here are the estimated two day totals (cumulative) for Sunday 12-2 and Monday 12-3; Sea-Tac 5.34 inches, Shelton 7.71 inches, and Bremerton 12.42 inches.

Now for some drier ponderings:
Here's hoping that all those affected by the storm can soon get their lives back in order. We are praying for you all.
Here's hoping too that our trails weathered this latest assault fairly well.
And here's hoping that our pathetic government leaders can actually get something done in this state aside from pointing fingers and voting for ridiculous boondoggles. How about building the damn levees along the Chehalis River first before expanding a light rail system that'll be light years before it ever gets done? And you obstructionist environmentalists-get out of the way and let the Army Corp get those levees in. And you greedy developers and on-the-take city planning boards-stop allowing developments in flood plains. There are plenty of old industrial lands that can be redeveloped instead of destroying more agricultural lands and riparian ecosystems.
Yep, I know what I'm wishing for this Christmas; sound utilitarian government policies, an enlightened populace, and no more rain!
( photos- Pine Lake in Whatcom County, Quinault River in Jefferson County- and thanks to BJ Thomas for borrowing lyrics from "Raindrops keep falling on my head," from the excellent film- "Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid")

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