Thursday, May 10, 2007

Twenty-six point two and a twenty-five ounce brew!
What's the best thing about doing a marathon? Finishing-and replenishing thy aching body with a burger and beer. I just recently completed my 7th marathon by partaking in the inaugural Eugene Marathon. What a race! It was my slowest marathon-but not because of the course. The course is fast. I'm not. I still ran under 4 hours but boy do I need to lay off the beer and burgers and put some more training in. Eugene (except for the 60s throwbacks-c'mon guys put down the drums and get a job-you're 50 now!) is a great little city and of course a community that has running in its soul. I'll be doing a few stories on Eugene and its marathon in an upcoming issue of Northwest Runner. Meanwhile-I think I'll have another beer-I mean run a few more miles.

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