Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Never mind Fat Ass-it was a Freezing Ass!

I spent the last two weekends in the San Juan Islands working on my latest hiking guide book for the Mountaineers. While on Orcas Island I thought that I could recheck some trail data by running in the Orcas Island 25K Fat Ass Trail Run. So I entered! From Cascade Lake to Mountain Lake-up and over Mount Constitution-down to Twin Lakes and then back up again a shoulder of Constitution via the North Side Trail-down to Cascade Lake and around it via the lagoon. Oh boy! Over 3,500 feet of elevation on that 15.5 mile course. I covered it in 3 hours 49 minutes and it was quite the adventure. Especially on Constitution where we contended with a couple of inches of fresh snow. Yes, this has been one hell of a winter in Western Washington this year. Even the San Juans are giving me a hard time with my book research. Never-the-less it was a great experience.

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