Monday, February 05, 2007

If I was in Richmond...

Hey-Happy Chinese New Years a couple of weeks early. Heather and I recently returned from a weekend trip to Richmond, British Columbia. The city, just south of Vancouver, sits on an island in the Fraser River Delta. Fascinating little place with a vibrant Asian-Canadian community including the second largest Buddhist Temple in North America and enough Chinese eateries to satisfy all of Shanghai.

But aside from Richmond's vibrant Golden Village (the Asian heart of the city) the city also boasts a quaint and historic district known as Steveston. An old fishing centre, Steveston now teems with historic sites, museums, boutiques and great restaurants. The entire city is traversed by an incredible trail system including the Dyke Trails which make for great running and cycling. I have two upcoming stories on Richmond, so look for them. One in Northwest Runner on Richmond's running scene including those great trails. The other one in Northwest Travel highlighting Steveston's heritage corridor.

In the meanwhile, contemplate a trip to Richmond. Skip Vancouver and enjoy this oft-overlooked gem in the BC Lower Mainland.

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