Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ode to the Commode

My humble beginnings as a Northwest Outdoors Writer started at the University of Washington. While attending that fine institution (BA History 1994, Masters Ed 1997) I wrote a weekly column for The UW Daily called, Go Take A Hike. One of my most memorable pieces and one that I am fondly remembered for is my Ode to the Commode-a celebration of crappers and privies in the backwoods. Now, 10 years later with a whole lot of new privies to rejoice over, I'm contemplating writing a new version of this Dear John proclamation. And perhaps as soon as I get a load off of my mind, I will! But in the meantime you can read the original right here, compliments of the Daily's archives.
Update from original article: Alas the Park Butte butt rester no longer exists, but the fine Winchester crapthedral (above) still greets weary buns.

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