Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No Wonder I'm a Little Tired!

I just finished up a fantastic week of hiking in Washington's Methow Valley. Put in just under 80 miles on the trail. My total hiking mileage for this year is now just shy of 900 miles. 900 miles! Yep-I'm feeling them. Researching two new hiking books; Day Hiking the Olympic Peninsula and Day Hiking North Cascades-plus some Canadian rambling for the Weather Network and my usual annual trips to France, Spain and New Hampshire have forced me to put a lot of miles on my boots this year. But what a year-especially here in the Pacific Northwest where we have been enjoying some of the best weather that I can remember.
That's me on Burch Mountain in the Pasayten Wilderness. Great hike. It's in my new book. Ok, time to recover. Heading to Montreal this weekend for a little urban culture. I plan on putting some running miles in while I'm there. After all, just because I'm taking a break from hiking you don't actually expect me to take a break completely, do you?

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