Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The State of the Parks II
The Washington State House recently voted to rescind day-use fees cuurently being charged for state park visitation. They say that they are concerned that the fees are keeping thousands of people from visiting the parks. Okay--that's true-but as I have previously stated, if people aren't willing to support their parks and the state legislature isn't willing to raise the ante-then where is the money going to come from?
In a perfect world it would be nice not to have to pay fees to use our parks-it would be nice too, if our state actually funded the parks the way that they and the people of this state deserve. Instead of looking for money to payoff a billionaire sports owner (1st the Mariners-then the Seahawks-now the Sonics-oh yeah-Nascar wants some too), how about FUNDING OUR PARKS!
But, unless this state fully funds our parks-I cannot support a rescinding of day use fees. As our population continues to grow-no make that, EXPLODE-our park system languishes. As our citizins continue to grow fatter and continue to disconnect from the natural world-we need parks more than ever.
The Miller Peninsula (pictured above) should have been added to our park system years ago. Washington State Parks has owned this property for nearly two decades-Yet under four Democrat governors and a mostly Democrat legislature, State Parks hasn't gotten $1 to develop it into a top-notch state park. Under Booth Gardner, the state tried to sell this prime parcel to a Japanese developer. Under Gary Grid-Locke, we lost a handful of (mostly eastern Washington) state parks-Thanks for raising taxes and closing parks, Gary! Right now, State Parks is unveiling plans to finally develop Miller Peninsula into a state-of-the-art park. Yet, the Washington House votes to kill one of the few sources of park income-the day use fee.
And what about our current governor? Will she make state parks a priority? Dino Rossi made it a part of his campaign platform-a Republican! And it convinced enough Dems to cross the fence to vote for him-but King County had other plans. Can you say Cook County NW?

So, Christine-are you going to continue giving your cronies pay raises? Squander our surplus on more crazy welfare programs? Or perhaps fund our state parks that will benefit ALL Washington State residents-rich or poor-from Pacific County to Pend Oreille County! Does our state's incredible natural and cultural heritage mean anything to you-or anyone else in Olympia, Chrsitine? What's that? You guys aren't paying attention-Howard Shultz and Paul Allen need some more of our tax dollars instead-Sheeesh!


The Geezer said...

Shame on you for buying into the "we don't have money for XYZ" that the dims always throw out there.

There is a sheytpile of money in the state budget, and just like Silly Seattle Mayor Nipples, and I wanna be your guberner King Ron do, they fund the stuff we don't want, and tell us we have to pay extra for the stuff we DO want.

Tell your legislators that parks are a priority, and need to be funded at the top of the list, and thereby encourage even the poor that they can get out and enjoy our natural heritage.

Don't buy the BS!

Craig said...

Hey Geezer,

I agree absolutely with you on Mayor Nickle and dime you, King Ron, the entire Seattle Silly Council and all the other dim-wits in Olympia. And while I believe that parks should be funded from the legislature-I also believe in nominal user fees-as a way to take ownership in our system. It always amazes me about the argument that poor people won't be able to use our parks-it always comes from rich white Seattle liberals! I'm sick of the priorities we seem to have as a society-billion dollar sports team owners milking us-leaving nothing for the parks! And think of where all that wasted money for the Monorail could have gone-Now idiot Nichols wants to build a tunnel! Keep up the good fight my man-as a fiscal conservative I am not opposed to spending tax dollars-it is how we spend it that drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

It isn't going to get any better until we throw out this Democrap-controlled legislature and also elect Dino Rossi as governor (if he chooses to run after being ripped-off last time)! Dino is a big fan of our natural heritage and will ensure our parks are funded! The Dims will only fund more & more social welfare programs.