Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year
New Years Day 2006 was greeted in New Hampshire with a small snow storm. Just enough to make the countryside glisten. Started the New Year off as usual-by partaking in a running race. For two years in a row I challenged myself to the hilly but scenic course of the Peanut Butter Chip 5K in the little town of Temple. Great little community event. Afterwards spent the afternoon with family walking around the Society for the Protection of NH'S Forest's Monson Village property. We had our own private tour from Russ Dickerman-an abutting land owner who significantly contributed to the effort to preserve this ecologically and historically important property. Russ is a true hero-a person who selflessly gives to makes this world a better place. We need more heroes like Russ. Hopefully 2006 will see a good number of our fellow citizens rise to a calling that goes beyond consuming and taking. Happy New Year! For more info on Monson Village, visit:

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