Thursday, October 27, 2005

Welcome fellow hikers and adventurers.

World Hiker is a new blog dedicated to you-the adventurer who prefers to see the world outside a piede. I am an outdoor writer and photographer who has spent a considerable
amount of my forty-plus years traveling the globe in pursuit of natural places with great hiking opportunities.

And while I have seen just a fraction of this planet we call home-I have seen plenty of truly magnificent places. Where are some of my favorite hiking spots? The Pacific Northwest
and New England rank high-being where I now live (the former) and where I was born (the latter). Argentina, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, and Bulgaria are all favorites too.

In the coming months I'll be spotlighting some of my favorite trails and places, and perhaps shedding some light on them. I'll share practical info as well as bring up issues that may
be surrounding them. No formula here. My agenda? To share my love for these places and to perhaps help you to become familiar with them too-so that you too, may appreciate them-
and help preserve them in our ever increasing urban world.

Happy hiking and adventuring-and welcome to World Hiker!